Qazko – a forward thinking, London based Internet company with big ideas not just for today, but for tomorrow.


The Qazko idea came about due to the amazing advances in the Internet, where the whole world now seems available. These developments can only mean great news for all, with so much choice and information at your fingertips. Accessing the world of information available can be very time consuming and frustrating at times, especially when it comes to making travel decisions. A super efficient online based system is the key to solving those age old questions, including “when shall we go?”, “where shall we stay?”, “who shall we fly with?” and “is this really the best deal on the Internet?” And there it is, the big question: “is this really the best deal on the Internet?”. Let’s be honest, we all hate paying for something only to discover a much cheaper deal elsewhere only two minutes later! This is where our wonderful staff here at Qazko enters the fray.

Just like the clever people at companies, such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo and Bing, we’ve compiled an expanding worldwide search engine – dedicated to travel (Air Fares, Hotels, Rental Cars, Airport Parking, City Tours/Attractions etc..). Users can search, and more importantly, compare their favourite travel websites, airlines, hotels and car rental companies around the world. Here are a few examples:

Travel websites:,,,,

Airlines: Virgin Atlantic, Emirates, British Airways, American Airlines, Air China, Jet Airways, Aeroflot, TAM...

Hotels: Holiday Inn, Hilton Hotels, Accor Hotels...

Car rental companies: Hertz, Sixt, Dollar, Avis...

And this is to name just a few! Imagine that! Having the power to arrange all your travel needs in one place! Imagine no more, it’s here, Qazko - Your world awaits…

Olivier Bastian - CEO and Founder

Olivier Bastian - CEO and Founder

Formula 1, Manchester United, cars, business – these are just some of the indulgences enjoyed by our very own “Mr Ideas”, Mr Olivier Bastian. This new and exciting rollercoaster wouldn’t be possible without him. Oli eats, drinks and sleeps ideas. Come to think of it, he’s always thinking about something innovative. He then shares his wisdom with us so that we can get an insight into his latest vision. This is brilliant because we get to be involved from the outset, with everyone having a chance to voice their opinions, provide comments or suggestions. And, this is what makes the whole operation so special; you really do feel part of the team and the production process. As a man, Oli is really relaxed, yet very hands-on. That said, he is a pleasure to work for. The only thing we as a team would say you should watch out for is never to utter the words “no”, “I don’t think it’s possible” or “I’m not sure”. As far as Oli is concerned, these words aren’t in the Qazko vocabulary; he constantly tells us, “The impossible is always possible”.

Written by members of the Qazko Team

The Qazko Team

The global community: what an accomplishment by man. A world which once seemed so big is now quite small with the technological advances in air travel and the Internet. Without these developments, I’m not sure that Qazko would have manifested itself as the enterprise it is today.
We are extremely fortunate to have such a global talent pool to recruit from. The Qazko project has been a constant work in progress and is currently being developed by talented and dedicated individuals from England, India, China, the U.S., South Africa, Malaysia, Germany, Japan and beyond. Every single person has contributed essential elements to the project’s development. Oli and I are truly grateful to them. It has been a pleasure to work with everyone to date and we hope this successful way of executing our work continues.

Written by Merv – Head of Technology and Development

Mervin De Aff – Head of Technology and Development

Merv, my ‘go to’ man, literally has the patience of a saint. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve sent him an email or text message regarding ideas, suggestions and technical questions, such as “let’s implement this”, “can you find a way to do this?” or “I’ve just had an awesome idea, listen to this!”.

Thankfully, due to assault being illegal in the United Kingdom (and the rest of the world come to think of it!), I’m safe. Only kidding! This is the great thing about Merv. No matter what the problem, suggestion or issue, Merv always finds a workable solution, which is brilliant and exactly what you need, especially in a young and innovative company like Qazko. Thanks to Merv’s patience and technical brilliance, it’s enabled him to work with an array of global contractors and other Qazko employees to create what you see before your very eyes today, as well as tomorrow and beyond. Why? Because he believes in our company mantra: “The impossible is always possible”.

Written by Oli – CEO and Founder